Thomas M. Brady Post 45, Inc.

Lot  227 Relishes
Lot  228A Pickled Vegetables (beets, pepper, okra, etc.) 
Lot 228B Pickled Fruits (apples, cantaloupe, etc.)
Lot  229A Honey, Light (strained)*
Lot  229B Honey, Dark (strained)*
Lot  230A Honey, Light (w/comb)**
Lot  230B Honey, Dark (w/comb)**
Lot  230C Molded Bees Wax Candle
  Block of Bees Wax






Lot 232  Iced Layer Cake (one-half)
Lot 233  Pound Cake (one-half)
Lot 234 Decorated Cupcakes (three)
Lot 235 Bar Cookies/Brownies (four)
Lot 236 Cookies (four of one variety)
Lot 237 Candy  
Lot 238 Loaf Bread (white/wheat, etc)  
Lot 239 Cornbread (whole)
Lot 240 Muffins (three)
Lot 241 Biscuits (three)
Lot 242 Yeast Rolls (four) 
Lot 243 Sweet Bread (banana, pumpkin, etc)
Lot 244 Fruit Pies
Lot 245 Lot 245