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1130 Bluffs Parkway, Suite G49

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Ashley Witcher

County Extension Coordinator &

4-H/Youth Agent


Josh Fuder

County Extension Agent

Agriculture & Natural Resources


Rachel Walker

4-H Extension Educator


Taylor Cowart

4-H AmeriCorps Member





                        GENERAL RULES


1. Exhibits may be started on Sunday, September 15th at 2pm and  should be completed by Monday evening at 5:00pm and must       remain in place through Sunday night, September 22nd. Judging will begin at 10am Tuesday morning. Removal of the exhibit should be completed on Monday, September 23rd between            9–noon and 2-4 pm.


2. The cost and labor to complete the exhibit or display is to be paid by the sponsoring organization of exhibitor.


3.    Any community, school, club or special organization is eligible to             participate.


4.    These exhibits are to represent the activities of the county or          community life, embracing exhibits from the farm, home, garden,        school, shop and other projects of the community as club                 activities, parent/teacher, etc.


5.    No decorative material will be furnished by the American Legion.


6. A theme should be established and carried out displaying county and community activities and projects.


7.  The judges or the American Legion are authorized to withhold the premium on any booth or display that in their opinion is not a worthwhile exhibit.


The following score card is to be used in judging the

                                        Education Collective Exhibits:


                            Educational                                 30 points

                            General Appearance                30 points

                            Quality                                         20 points

                            Originality                                  20 points




                  (under 18 years of age)


First Place              $135

Second Place         $115

Third Place             $  90

Fourth Place          $  75

Fifth Place              $  65

Sixth Place              $  50

All others                $  50


            ADULT CATEGORY                                           (19 years of age and older)


First Place              $135

Second Place         $115

Third Place             $  90

Fourth Place          $  75

Fifth Place              $  65

Sixth Place              $  50

All others                $  50



(Open Only to Cherokee County 4-H’ers)

Special Prize

To be awarded by the American Legion when portfolios are turned in to the County Extension Agent. Based on neatness and completeness of the book.

           First Place              $12

           Second Place         $ 8

           Third Place             $ 6

           Fourth Place          $ 4






Live Music on the Outdoor Stage


There will be a variety of music featuring

different groups during the fair week. 







The Auxiliary will be having BINGO

       again this year. Play for prizes.

Proceeds benefit programs for veterans










































SEPTEMBER 17-22, 2019

Exhibitors are requested not to bring their automobiles into the midway area except to unload exhibit articles. Flowers being exhibited may be watered  during regular fair operating hours.

General Rules

1. The Cherokee County Fair will open it’s gates to the public at 5pm on Tuesday, September 17th. All entries must be brought to the fairgrounds on Sunday or Monday to be registered. Hours of registration are from 2-5pm on Sunday and 9-noon and 2-5pm on   Monday. Judging will begin at 10am Tuesday. No entries will be accepted for registration on Tuesday. Registration forms can be obtained at


2. All entries must be left in place until Monday following the close of the fair. This rule is made in order to avoid confusion and so that the people who are   unable to attend before the last day may see the exhibits. Entries may be picked up on Monday September 23rd    between 9-noon and 2-4pm. Must have the ticket stub to pick up entries. 


3. Awards will be made by comparison. If any category has only one entry, the judges may determine the award to be made. Competent judges will be employed for all departments and their decisions will be final. The judges or the American Legion are authorized to withhold any premium on any booth exhibit.


4. Awards will be designated by ribbons, but premiums will be paid according to the record in the judges books, as often ribbons are misplaced or changed by someone who has no authority. Premiums will be paid by mail before October 1.


5. No premium will be paid on articles not listed in this publication or removed prior to the designated time. Participant must decide on category. Age divisions are strictly enforced.


6. While all precautions will be taken to safe guard the exhibits, it must be  understood that the exhibits are entered into competition for prizes. The owners assume all responsibility for any accident, loss or damage that might occur. Neither the American Legion, it’s officers nor agents, will be responsible for any such  accidents, losses or damages.


7. If by reason of fire, flood, unusually unfavorable weather, or bad financial   conditions, the officials of the American Legion should find it necessary to call off the fair, it is understood and agreed by all exhibitors that the obligation to pay any premiums offered in this listing will be canceled.


8. Any mistake in premiums must be reported within 10 days after a premium is paid in order for a correction to be made.


9. If a tie is declared, the premium will be equally divided. All checks for prizes must be cashed within 30 days to complete the records and audit of the fair books.


           PREMIUM EXHIBITS                                                    Open to anyone 12 years of age and older with one entry per person in each lot.  Judging will be based on quality and overall attractiveness of the exhibit; with the consideration of disease or insect damage present. Size of the exhibit will only apply where  largest is stated in the description.

FIRST PLACE                         $4

SECOND PLACE                    $3

THIRD PLACE                        $2

              Three of Each


Lot 1                   Sweet Corn

Lot 2                   Apple

Lot 3                   Irish Potato

Lot 4                   Sweet Potato

Lot 5                   Indian/Field Corn

Lot 6 A             Tomato (Standard Slicing)

Lot 6 B              Tomato- (Cherry)

Lot 7                   Pear

Lot 8                   Figs

Lot 9A                Muscadine

Lot 9B                Scuppernong

Lot 10                 Okra

Lot 11                 Cucumber

Lot 12                 Eggplant

Lot 13A            Butterbeans

Lot 13B            Sweet peppers

Lot 14                 Hot peppers

Lot 15                 Squash

Lot 16                 Green Beans

Lot 17                 Field Peas

Lot 18                 Popcorn display

Lot 19                 Garden Exhibit (5 or more vegetables)

Lot 20                 Miscellaneous  fruits or vegetables.



Lot 21                 Sunflower head

Lot 22                 Squash/Gourd

Lot 23                 Pumpkin

Lot 24                 Watermelon

Lot 25                 Tomato

Lot 26                 Sweet Potato



(Ages 12 and older)

An exhibit shall consist of the same variety display in a small

         bottle/container to be provided by exhibitors.

FIRST PLACE                         $4           

SECOND PLACE                    $3

THIRD PLACE                        $2


Lot 27                 Dahlias

Lot 28                 Chrysanthemums

Lot 29A            Red Rose

Lot 29B            Pink Rose

Lot 29C            Yellow Rose

Lot 29D            White Rose

Lot 30                 Exhibit, 3 different varieties of  flowers

Lot 31                 Marigolds

Lot 32 A           Zinnias, Large variety

Lot 32 B           Zinnias, Small variety

Lot 33                 Asters

Lot 34                 Celosi (cock’s comb)

Lot 35                 Potted Perennial plant

Lot 36                 Flowering shrub, cutting

Lot 37                 Native plant

Lot 38                 Perennial plant, cutting                          

Lot 39                 Potted green plant

Lot 40                 Potted Coleus

Lot 41                 Potted Sedum

Lot 42                 Potted Cactus/Succulent Plant

Lot 43A            Fresh flower arrangement

Lot 43B            Dried flower arrangement

Lot 44                 Annual plant (cutting)

Lot 45                 Hanging basket

Lot 46                 Potted Annual plant

Lot 47                 African violet

Lot 48                 Fern (container)

Lot 49 A           Herb, potted plant

Lot 49 B           Herb, cutting

Lot 50 A           Combination plantings– Dish Garden

Lot 50 B           Combination plantings– Planter/Pot

Lot 50 C           Combination plantings– Terrarium