Thomas M. Brady Post 45, Inc.

PREMIUM EXHIBITS                                                   

Open to anyone 12 years of age and older with one entry per person in each lot.  Judging will be based on quality and overall attractiveness of the exhibit; with the consideration of disease or insect damage present. Size of the exhibit will only apply where  largest is stated in the description.

                FIRST PLACE                      $4

                SECOND PLACE                 $3

                THIRD PLACE                     $2

                            Three of Each

Lot 1  Sweet Corn
Lot 2  Apple
Lot 3  Irish Potato
Lot 4  Sweet Potato
Lot 5 Indian/Field Corn
Lot 6 A Tomato (Standard Slicing)
Lot 6 B Tomato- (Cherry)
Lot 7 Pear
Lot 8  Figs
Lot 9A  Muscadine
Lot 9B Scuppernong
Lot 10  Okra
Lot 11  Cucumber
Lot 12 Butterbeans
Lot 13A Sweet peppers
Lot 13B Hot peppers
Lot 14  Squash
Lot 15  Green Beans
Lot 16  Field Peas
Lot 17  Popcorn display
Lot 18  Garden Exhibit (5 or more vegetables)
Lot 19 Miscellaneous  fruits or vegetables
Lot 20  Sunflower head
Lot 21 Squash/Gourd
Lot 22 Pumpkin
Lot 23  Watermelon
Lot 24  Tomato
Lot 25  Sweet Potato
Lot 26 Egg Plant


FLOWER EXHIBITS(Ages 12 and older)  An exhibit shall consist of the same variety display in a small bottle/container to be provided by exhibitors.

                                FIRST PLACE                      $4            

                                SECOND PLACE                 $3

                                THIRD PLACE                     $2


Lot 27               Dahlias

                       Lot 28              Chrysanthemums

                       Lot 29A           Red Rose

                       Lot 29B           Pink Rose                                                 


Lot 29C

Lot 29D

Lot 30 

Lot 31 

Lot 32 A

Lot 32 B

Lot 33 

Lot 34 

Lot 35 

Lot 36 

Lot 37 

Lot 38 

Lot 39 

Lot 40 

Lot 41 

Lot 42 

Lot 43A

Lot 43B

Lot 44 

Lot 45 

Lot 46 

Lot 47 

Lot 48 

Lot 49 A

Lot 49 B

Lot 50 A

Lot 50 B

Lot 50 C

Yellow Rose

White Rose

Exhibit, 3 different varieties of  flowers


Zinnias, Large variety

Zinnias, Small variety


Celosi (cock’s comb)

Potted Perennial plant

Flowering shrub, cutting

Native plant

Perennial plant, cutting                        

Potted green plant

Potted Coleus

Potted Sedum

Potted Cactus/Succulent Plant

Fresh flower arrangement

Dried flower arrangement

Annual plant (cutting)

Hanging basket

Potted Annual plant

African violet

Fern (container)

Herb, potted plant

Herb, cutting

Combination plantings– Dish Garden

Combination plantings– Planter/Pot

Combination plantings– Terrarium 


Lot 51      Crayon/Colored Pencil or Marker Drawing

 Lot 52       Lego creation

 Lot 53      Wooden article by the sponsoring organization of exhibitor.

Lot 54       Painted Rock (4” Diameter or smaller)

Lot 55       Beadwork

Lot 56       Homemade Candle

 Lot 57       Popsicle/Plaster/paper-maché ite

Lot 58             Ceramic

Lot 59        Item from Recycled Productcommunity 

Lot 60        String 

Lot 61        Woven Basket

Lot 62       Model (car, plane, etc.)

 Lot 63       Tie-dyed article

 Lot 64       Jewelry

 Lot 65        Miscellaneous (no other category available)

                      Youth 9-12 years of Age

  Lot 66        Crayon/Colored Pencil or Marker Drawing

 Lot 67        Charcoal/Pencil/Ink Drawing 

 Lot 69       Acrylic Painting

  Lot 70       Lego Creation                                                                                                                                                                                         

 Lot 71       Wooden article


Lot 72   Painted Rock (4” Diameter or smaller)
Lot 73   Beadwork
 Lot74       Homemade Candle
Lot 75 Plaster/paper-maché item



Lot 76       Ceramic

Lot 77       Item from Recycled Product

Lot 78       String  Art

                    Lot 79       Woven Basket

Youth 9-12 years of Age (continued)


                        Lot 80              Model (car, plane, etc.)

                        Lot 81              Tie-dyed article

                        Lot 82              Embroidered/Crewel/Needlepoint item

                        Lot 83              Crocheted/Knitted article

                        Lot 84              Jewelry

                        Lot 85              Cross Stitch/Counted Cross Stitch

                        Lot 86              Christmas Wall Decoration

                        Lot 87              Christmas Hanging Ornaments

                        Lot 88              Christmas Hanging Wreath

                        Lot 89              Wall Hanging

                        Lot 90              Decorated Sweatshirt                               

Lot 91                                      Miscellaneous (no other category available
Lot 93  Crayon/Colored Pencil or Marker Drawing
Lot 94 Charcoal/Pencil/Ink Drawing
Lot 95  Water Color Painting
Lot 96  Acrylic Painting
Lot 97 Lego Creation
Lot 98  Wooden Article
Lot 99  Painted Rock (4” diameter or smaller)
Lot 100 Beadwork
Lot 101 Homemade Candle
Lot 102 Plaster/paper-maché item
Lot 103 Ceramic
Lot 104 Item from Recycled Product
Lot 105 String  Art
Lot 106 Woven Basket
Lot 107 Model (car, plane, etc.)
Lot 108 Tie-dyed article
Lot 109 Embroidered/Crewel/Needlepoint item
Lot  110 Crocheted/Knitted article
Lot 111 Jewelry
Lot 112 Cross Stitch/Counted Cross Stitch
Lot 113 Christmas Wall Decoration
Lot 114 Christmas Hanging Ornaments
Lot 115 Christmas Hanging Wreath
Lot 116 Wall Hanging
Lot 117 Decorated Sweatshirt
Lot 118 Decorated T-shirt
Lot 119 Lot 119
                                                     Youth 5-8 years of Age  
Lot 120  Shirt or Apparel
 Lot 121 Pillow Case
Lot 122 Miscellaneous
Lot 123 Shirt or Apparel
Lot 124                        Pillow Case
Lot 125 Miscellaneous
Y                                                  outh 13-19 years of Age  
Lot 126 Shirt or Apparel  
Lot 127 Pillow Case
Lot 128 Miscellaneous

    Youth Divisions: 5-8 years, 9-12 years, 13-19 years


In an exhibit, use standard jars (Ball, Kerr, Mason, etc.) and be        sure they are sealed. Unsealed jars will be disqualified.  A label  listing lot number, contents, name and address must be attached.


                                FIRST PLACE                      $4

                                SECOND PLACE                 $3

                                THIRD PLACE                     $2



Lot129            1 quart vegetable
Lot 130 1 quart fruit
Lot 131A 1 jar jelly
Lot 131B 1 jar jam
Lot 132 1 jar preserves
Lot 133 1 jar pickles or relish
Lot 134  1 jar salsa
Lot 135 A 1 jar light honey, strained *
Lot 135 B 1 jar dark honey, strained *
Lot 136 A 1 jar light honey, w/comb **
Lot 136 B 1 Jar dark honey, w/comb **
  • *In an unlabeled 1 lb. glass or plastic Queenline jar.

  • **In a wide-mouth glass pint jar.


YOUTH COOKING            Youth 5-8 years of Age                           

            In an exhibit, the item must be in a plastic bag. Name, address, lot number and contents must be attached.

                                    Youth 9-12 years of Age